FBR Uncovers Multi-Billion Rupee Scam in the Auto Sector

A fraud worth millions of rupees has been discovered by the Karachi chapter of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) under which car dealers were registering cars by misusing the computerized national identity cards (CNICs).

While pursuing a case against Muhammad Khadeen, the Anti-benami Karachi office of FBR uncovered a huge fraud along with tax evasion as per sources.



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The dealers were found to have registered around 400 luxury cars worth billions in Khadeen’s name. Those alleged to be involved in this include Suzuki Riaz Motors, Zeeshan Autos and Suzuki south and several other sub-dealers.

The anti-benami initiative Zone-III has directed the car dealer to appear before them as per sources, the one who purchased the cars in Khadeen’s name from Pak Suzuki Motors. The sources added that the showroom’s owners expressed willingness to submit an amount worth millions.


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Aside from this, another case was found where a person from a car vendor bought 32 cars on a CNIC belonging to a deceased man and FBR has started a case against him.

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  • That’s why buying and selling cars is a lucrative business in our undocumented economy. Pump up this casino economy by taking the interest rate to zero.

  • If the officials of the FBR are investigated on merit by the professional,honest and dedicated investigation team, trillions dollars can be recovered, which will be sufficient to redeem the debt

  • How come this be a tactic to evade taxes. With vehicle registration, the Exice department collects income tax also without which registration cannot takes place.

  • Due to System : FBR should make One Window Operation Service and Add, FBR, CBR, CESS, TOLL, Land, WEBOC Etc all operations thurgh one window and no one can skip anything.

  • pata nahee mis-leading heading bana kar kia milta hay tum logoun ko… Haqeeqat Tv walee harkatain

    In the heading you are writing “Multi-Billion Rupee Scam”, and in the description you are writing “A fraud worth millions of rupees”… do you know the difference between million and billion?

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