UNDP Stats Confirm Pakistan is Among Least Prepared Countries to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic

United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in its latest report, has ranked Pakistan among the countries that are the least prepared to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak.

Taking into account the state of the healthcare system, low level of human development, and poor internet access, Pakistan is one of the countries most vulnerable to the Coronavirus pandemic due to its lack of preparedness, stated UNDP report.


Pakistan spends 2.8% of its GDP on health. For every 10,000 Pakistanis, there are just 6 hospital beds, 10 doctors, and 5 nurses. This shows how susceptible the country is in the wake of the pandemic.


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India, on the other hand, spends 3.7% of its GDP on health and has 7 hospital beds, 8 doctors, and 21 nurses for every 10,000 people.

As for South Asia, the region has 8 hospital beds, 8 doctors, and 17 nurses for every 10,000 inhabitants.

Developed countries with a high level of human development have 55 hospital beds, 30 doctors, and 81 nurses for every 10,000 residents. Whereas, underdeveloped nations on average have 7 hospital beds, 3 doctors, and 6 nurses for 10,000 people.

The United States spends 17.1% of its GDP on health. The country has 29 hospital beds, 126 doctors, and 86 nurses for every 10,000 people.

The UNDP report further stated that more than 6.5 billion people – 85.5% of the global population– don’t have access to reliable internet connectivity, limiting their ability to continue their businesses, jobs, and education from home amid the Coronavirus lockdown.

Moreover, every 1 out of 4 persons in the world either lives under multidimensional poverty or is susceptible to it while 40% of the global population does not have any social protection.