Government Issues Guidelines for When Lockdown is Lifted

The federal government has issued detailed guidelines for the public and industries to protect themselves and others from the novel coronavirus once the lockdown is lifted.

Guidelines for Citizens

The government has asked citizens to only leave houses and travel in private or public transport when it is extremely urgent and take extreme precautionary measures.

People should wear masks, wash hands, and use a hand sanitizer before sitting in a vehicle. They should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue paper while coughing or sneezing and discard it properly.


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In case a tissue paper is not available, one should use their hand or arm to cover their face.

People have been further advised not to touch their eyes, mouth, and nose without washing hands or using a hand sanitizer. They have been strictly asked not to shake hands, hug each other, or stand in close proximity while interacting with each other. There should be at least one and a half meter distance between two people.

Guidelines for Transporters

There are clear guidelines for transporters before getting permission to operate. They have been directed to regularly disinfect their vehicles before picking up and dropping passengers.

Moreover, the use of air conditioners in vehicles is strictly prohibited and transporters have been asked to keep windows open for ventilation of fresh air. Also, the passengers’ seating should be arranged in a way that there is a distance of six feet between each other.

Furthermore, transporters will have to ensure thermal scanning, use of masks and gloves, and availability of tissue papers, and hand sanitizers in their vehicles. People with cough, flu, or other illness have been asked not to leave home.


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Construction Sector

Construction companies and related industries have been asked to keep biometric attendance at bay, ensure availability of thermal guns, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers at the entry and points.

Company owners have been asked to disinfect the working area daily after the closure of work and to ensure minimum physical contact between workers/consumers.

The industry has been strongly advised to substitute or use additional shifts to avoid crowdedness at the workplace. Also, no shift should extend for more than eight hours.

Disinfecting employees’ clothes, provision of high-quality masks and gloves, and ensuring the transportation of employees will also be the company’s responsibility. Sick people should not be called to work unless they fully recover from illness.

Moreover, each company should establish a temporary resident or an isolation facility so that people with symptoms could be quarantined until their results are received.

  • Corona is no more deadly then common cold and flu more people die from flu and cold then corona this is the research i found from different websites.Vaccines can be used but not necessary for this as well if person is in good healthy condition he can fight off corona just like a person can get rid of common cold or flu.

    • You don’t get rid of flu, it mutates! You just don’t feel its there because of the medication.

      Corona is deadly because 1 person can affect 7 people whereas, 1 person with flu can effect 2 others.

      Till non availability of suitable medication, it’ll remain deadly.

      Doing research on the websites does not make you a Microbiologist! So do not compare your Google search with Microbiologists and Doctors.


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