This Enzyme Makes COVID-19 More Deadly for Men Compared to Women

New research from 11 European countries may shed light on why the coronavirus impacts men more than women and it shows that men have larger blood levels of the particular enzyme that helps the virus infect cells.

The research was published earlier this week in the European Heart Journal, according to which men’s blood has a higher concentration of “angiotensin-converting enzyme 2,” or ACE2, meaning their organs have more “receptors” of the ACE2 which allows the virus to infect the cells.


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More than 2,000 elderly men and women participated in the study; they had no corona virus-infected person in this but they had heart problems. Most of the participants were using common blood pressure drugs that prevent the effect of the ACE2.

The experts stressed that the participants who took part in this study and were taking the medication didn’t have higher concentrated levels of ACE2, this lends credence to earlier research that drugs don’t increase the chances of a person being infected by the virus.

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