Cybernet upgrades Network Backbones to 1 Terabit/sec OTN

Cyber Internet Services Pvt Ltd. (Cybernet), one of Pakistan’s leading Internet Services Providers has announced that it has migrated its network infrastructure to 1 Terabit/s using Optical Transmission Network (OTN) based on 200G lambda configuration.

With this new network, the company is preparing itself to meet the upcoming increase in internet capacity on PEACE submarine cable and continually increasing broadband consumption on its consumer broadband service, StormFiber, as a result of the lockdown and the major reorientation in the way individuals work, study and communicate even beyond COVID-19.

This network transformation is also expected to reduce network outage times by triggering seamless rerouting on to redundant paths in case of unexpected fiber cuts on its rings. The technology enables ultra-low latency transmission and offers immense scale. The OTN platform also uses Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to support up to 16 Tbit/s per fiber pair using current 200 Gbit/sec wavelengths.

In light of the recent circumstances attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital for local companies to identify, understand and effectively respond to changing trends in internet consumption. A robust and scalable fiber infrastructure enables service providers to meet increasing demands on Internet.

  • Compliance with the UN/SDG for PON /FTTH capacity building initiative is highly respectable to the network development objectives of Pakistan. With the exception of PTCL all PTA licensed service providers of PON services is like building Pakistan.
    The Covid19 compliant support to networks is not supported by PTCL recommended by the WHO in Karachi despite being the largest licensee of PTA.
    Being involved to support the Covid19 compliance of the WHO, supported by ITU I shall be obliged for consideration of package of GPON services that would help the patients with diagnostic, communication, entertinment, TV, Internet Services in the hospitals, Covid19 centers, ERs, etc.
    Please consider a special tariff possibly consider reduction of installation charges for Covid19 or waive for installation fee during the Covid19 under the guidelines of the WHO.

  • They need to offer at least 20Mbps as a base connection and most importantly increase their Coverage cuz right now it’s pathetic

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