16 Year Old Dies While Playing PUBG

A 16-year-old boy from Karungalpalayam in Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India, recently died of cardiac arrest while playing a popular online multiplayer game, PUBG. The deceased, Sathish Kumar, a second-year textile designing student at a private polytechnic college in the area.

Supposedly, the boy died due to being too involved in the game on his Smartphone for six hours. Before collapsing, Kumar started shouting hysterically. As soon as he was rushed to the local government hospital, he was declared dead.

Despite the common belief that the game caused undue stress and tension, which lead to the child’s death, doctors are still waiting for post mortem reports to identify the cause of death. There is no solid proof that the child died due to playing a video game for extended hours.

Moreover, there are no details on whether the teenager had any prevailing health issues. Where video games have been known to cause issues like aggression and depression, claiming these to be a cause of death is a little extreme.

It should be noted that playing video games for extended periods is not recommended. It is up to the parents to monitor their children’s screen time. A similar incident occured recently, where a child supposedly lost his mental balance due to indulging in the game extensively.

  • Please correct the heading it gives the wrong impression and can be used by our judges to and the PTA to ban the game

    • Rightly said Ali, there are some foolish writers type such headings to bring their posts on limelight such as this post. Propakistani.pk you should be posting news and views responsibly…..

  • Unhealthy life style leads to heart problems and then death. it’s not just the game many factors are included such as social life, studies, physical activities, diet and mental health.

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