Now You Can Register a US Company and Get a Paypal Account from Pakistan

Amidst the global pandemic, more and more people are resorting to freelancing as their source of primary income. In most cases, freelancing requires interaction with people from other countries, including the United States, European countries, and the Arab countries.

However, one of the major difficulties Pakistani freelancers face is receiving payments for the work they do. Since PayPal is still not available in Pakistan, most freelancers and small businesses have to find workarounds, which include using bitcoin, Payoneer, or other such platforms.

To solve this prevalent issue, Ejad Labs, an organization working to help entrepreneurs around the world, has come up with a unique initiative dubbed Ejad Plus that allows freelancers, individuals, and small businesses to open a US bank account from Pakistan for a flat fee.

The company claims that it will take care of everything, from company registration to bank account creation and tax advisory. They are providing entrepreneurs with a platform to “quickly and easily break into the US market.” The overall process is pretty easy and requires as little as two weeks.

For a flat fee of $499, this new initiative will allow users to use PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, Upwork, or any such service. On top of this, it will take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Register an LLC or C-Corporation
  • Register in the state of Delaware or Wyoming
  • Includes EIN, Registered Agent Service, State Filing Fees
  • Unique US Mailing Address Available
  • US Virtual Phone Number Available
  • Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing Available
  • No fees and no minimum balance on your bank account
  • The global deal including Credits from AWS, DigitalOcean, Zendesk, Airtable, and 100+ companies

If you are interested, head to their official website and apply now. You can also use promo FIRST50 for $50 OFF (limited time offer).

  • This s not something unique or new. Stripe and others have been doing this for long. What about recurring/yearly fees and all the tax hassle?

    • Stripe Atlas was not supporting Pakistani startups for a very long time. You may check their status now, but our pricing is the same as Atlas with more localized benefits

      • Don’t go with Stripe if that isn’t an option. Directly you can contact online agents to register a company for you in Delaware.

  • And does the bank gives withdrawal to Pakistan’s local bank option? I don’t think so.

  • its a good idea and much needed for freelancers in Pakistan
    i am on of those who need it but price is high for me which is why i would prefer some alternate method. most of us have problem dealing with payment gateway. Still , i like the approach.

    One question, If some freelancer like me go for this path and register a company, account and all paper work. How long you are going to support if anything comes up and is that included in the fees and is there any fees after a year or not. Problem with some starups that they sometime go out of business and then all effort disappear

    • It was the only way we could find to solve this problem, we hope that there are most cost effective methods to do this. One way to reduce costs could be to team up with a group of 2-3 freelancers and then use the service.

      We provide lifetime support, that is part of our vision behind Ejad Labs. The annual cost of maintaining the business is only the state franchise fee and registered agent fee

      We are not a startup, we have been around for a very long time and are here for the long run. You may learn more about our other projects and team at

  • Please always confirm the content before posting on propakistani… as Paypal can’t be established against LLC only it requires SSN/ITIN as well. This company is helping in getting EIN only not ITIN

  • Need some more info.
    What percent of tax we will be filing each month or year? In Wyoming?
    And if the money is made by doing business outside of U.S, is that taxable? If yes, what if the tax is being paid in another country?

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