GoG Discounts Hundreds of Game at Up to 60%

Game publisher GoG has officially kicked off its huge summer sale with over 3000 PC games including deals on old and new titles alike. There are also bundles offering group discounts on select publishers and the sale will last until June 15.

Some of the highlights include Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition for only $22.5, which is excellent pricing considering the size and scale of the game. It will also support cross-save with the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Metro Exodus: Gold Edition is down to $29 which not only includes the main game but two major DLCs as well. Prey’s Digital Deluxe Edition can be grabbed for only $12 including its Mooncrash Expansion. 

Other than offering discounts on standalone games, GoG is also doing something interesting this time around. The publisher is offering extra discounts on buying games that share the same theme.

For example, buying three FPS games or RPG games will knock off an extra 5% off of the already discounted price of the games. Likewise, buying 5 or more games will eliminate 10% off the discounted price. There are also several other bundles that gamers can take advantage of by buying multiple games together.

There are plenty of games to look at and a lot of time to grab them so make sure to check out the sale on GoG’s website.