PM Imran Offers to Share the Secrets of Ehsaas Program With India

Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered to help the Indian government in providing support for its impoverished families.

Khan’s offer was on the back of a report which suggested that 34 percent of households in the country will not be able to survive more than a week without financial assistance.


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On the basis of the report, Khan offered to share details of Ehsaas Cash transfer program to assist the Indian government in distributing money to deserving families without discrepancies.

The report is prepared by the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, and the Mumbai-based Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE).

It states that more than 84 percent of Indian households have reported a significant decrease in monthly income during the lockdown, adding that 34 percent of them won’t be able to survive without additional assistance after a week.


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Direct and immediate transfers of food and cash are a very high priority, said Heather Schofield, one of the authors of the report.

To cope with the situation, the government of India has announced a three-phased stimulus worth nearly Rs. 21 trillion ($266 billion).

What it lacks is the data of the families in genuine need, and a digitized mechanism for verification and disbursement of aid.

Therefore, PM Imran has offered to share the workings of the Ehsaas program to assist the neighboring country in this regard as another goodwill gesture to Modi-affected people of India.

  • instead of distributing cash to people, he could’ve subsidized sugar and wheat so that a roti could be provided for rs 2 and he could’ve reduced the prices of petrol and some other things with the same amount of money. Internet prices could’ve been reduced as well.
    1 bag of 20kg flour is being sold for rs 800 in utility stores and sugar is rs 68/kg if these costs could be cut half then i think that the lives of people could be improved a lot cuz i personally know many deserving people who did not get those 12000rs and some even got scammed!

    • How the heck poor is going to buy that subsidized sugar and wheat if it costs even 1 Rupee and he/she won’t have a Rupee to buy it?
      I work in a Bank and have seen millions gathering outside Branches to collect the aid. It helped the poor enormously despite scams and everything, this scheme has been able to put a roti in those poor stomachs who only know hunger even before this pandemic. May Allah bless us all..!

      • 1. the “millions of people” gathering outside banks caused covid-19 to spread as well.
        2. There were people who were well off and even had their own house were there to get those 12k
        3.If price of roti was decreased from rs 10 to rs 1 or 2 then everyone could’ve afforded it.
        4. Those 12k rs are not going to last long . What will they do when they run out of money?with the current inflation how long do you think that money is going to last?
        5. price of mask could’ve been brought down to 3-5 rs as well and lockdown could’ve been lifted.

      • Costs could’ve been cut even more than half a bag of sugar could’ve been reduced to rs 200
        imagine what they could’ve done with hose 1.2 trillion pkr

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