Situation Report: 6,825 New Cases, 81 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan reported yet another highest single-day rise in new cases for the fifth consecutive day, as newly reported cases in 24 hours reached 6,825 across the country.

The national tally reached 139,230.

KP and Islamabad recorded their single-day highest increase as both regions added 1,035 and 771 new cases in just 24 hours, almost 80% increase in their previous single-day highest numbers.

Punjab recorded 2,514 new cases, of which 1,331 were from Lahore only and another 234 cases were reported from Rawalpindi in a single day.

Sindh registered 2,262 new cases, and 1,813 new cases were reported from Karachi in 24 hours.

Back to back rise in new cases indicate that contagion is out of control and apparently there’s no stopping unless there’s an intervention. Models are hinting that peak could go beyond July or even August if things aren’t dealt as per the situation.

We are hearing that Sindh and Punjab may lock-down their bigger cities with strict implementation, however, there’s no final word yet.

Smart lock-downs, or targeted lock-downs in hotspots are still on-going at around 1,400 locations across the country.

One thing is clear, whatever we (as a government) are doing isn’t working. It’s been more than 100 days since the first case emerged and there’s no peak in sight, as compared to majority of countries which have already reached their peak.

Considering such results, the government should think of a different strategy before its out of everyone’s hands.

More from yesterday’s stats:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours
Islamabad7,934771 (Record)4,136 (Record)7504
KP17,4501,035 (Record)3,823 (Record)66119
Punjab52,6012,51410,277 (Record)96931
Total139,2306,825 (Record)29,5462,63281