PCB Reveals 5-Year Plan to be Rated Among the Most Credible Cricket Boards

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued its five-year strategic plan sanctioned by the Board of Governors.


Titled “Five-Year Plan to Inspire and Unify Our Nation,” the plan envisions to transform PCB into one of the top-performing and most credible cricket boards in cricket.

The plan lays down:

  • Strategic and corporate objectives
  • A course of action for the progress of the national men’s, women’s and age-group teams
  • A clear pathway and structure for grassroots development


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Moreover, PCB will monitor the progress on the plan on a monthly basis through a robust tracking system.

Chief Executive PCB, Wasim Khan, said while unveiling the strategic plan:

We developed the five-year plan in 2019 and awaited sign-off by the Board of Governors. We are delighted that we received official sign-off in February this year and are now in a position to formally announce it. Delivery against key priorities for the 2019-2023 plan began last year and I am delighted to see the progress that we have already made across a number of areas.

Here are the 6 salient features of the 5-year plan:

Sustainable Corporate Governance 

PCB aims to achieve this objective by timely and effective planning and allocation of resources.

Grassroots and Pathways Framework

PCB will continue to provide opportunities and support to young and aspiring cricketers in order to help them with a seamless transition from grassroots into the mainstream game.

Inspire Generations Through Women’s Game 

PCB will keep a key focus on diversity and invest in the future cricketers to develop cricket champions across the country.


Deliver World-Class International Teams

PCB is investing in a merit-based domestic system and High-Performance Centers that will help transform national players into consistent top-class performers.

Grow and Diversify Commercial Revenue Streams 

PCB will enter into strategic, innovative, and targeted commercial partnerships that will support the sustainability of the PCB and the Cricket Associations.

Enhance the Global Image of Pakistan 

PCB will continue to project Pakistan’s soft image through the promotion of the HBL Pakistan Super League, sustainable home international cricket, and by maintaining the ongoing and close dialogue with other cricket boards.



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