Almoiz Group to Sell Sugar at Rs. 70 Per KG

Taking the first step toward facilitating people amid highly inflated sugar prices, the Almoiz Group has set up sale points at its sugar mills’ premises to make sugar available to the public at the subsidized rates of Rs.70 per kg.

The initiative also honors the recent Islamabad High Court directives for the PSMA (Pakistan Sugar Mills Association) to provide sugar to the public at the rate of Rs.70 per kg. It provides relief to thousands of people who are forced to buy expensive sugar for their everyday needs.

All five sugar mills of the Almoiz Group are taking part in the initiative, selling subsidized sugar from the sale points set up within the mills’ premises in order to maximize the availability of the product to the people.

The mills which are participating in this activity include Baba Fareed Sugar Mills, Thal Industries Corporation Ltd., Safina Sugar Mills Lalian, Layyah Sugar Mills, and Almoiz Industries Limited, Piplan, Mianwali.

Just within a couple of days, the Group has established over 50 outlets on their mills’ grounds. After these successful openings, the Group has also started extending outlets into big cities like Peshawar, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi so that more people can benefit.

“We are happy to be facilitating the people of Pakistan by making this important commodity affordable for them in today’s world of high inflation,” said Almoiz Group. “We will keep expanding this endeavor so more people are able to buy sugar at highly subsidized rates,” it added.

The Almoiz Group aims at “Leading through Quality and Innovation”. Its vision is to be the world’s leading innovative and sustainable-centric producer of high-quality sweeteners, bio-energy, and allied products and services.

The Group provides employment to 7,500 people and produces 23 products in 8 business sectors, including sugar.