Situation Report: 4,944 New Cases, 136 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan yesterday recorded 4,944 new coronavirus cases from across the country, as the number of new daily cases decreased from 5,358 new cases recorded yesterday.


We think this decline in daily new cases is natural and was bound to happen after two weeks of spike — which was mainly triggered by mass movement during last week of Ramzan and during Eid.

As we noted before, natural decline in new cases was due after June 15th and that’s exactly how it has happened.

NCOC, however, thinks that decline in new daily cases is due to smart lock-downs across various cities in the country. But we think that impact of these smart lock-downs will be visible after 15 days, i.e. around July 1st onwards.

It must be noted that decrease in new cases were reported from all provinces and cities, indicating that down-ward trend is country wide.

With current numbers, Pakistan is on track to report negative growth in weekly cases for the first time since the outbreak emerged in country during late February 2020.


Yesterday Sindh reported 2,286 new cases where 1,719 cases emerged from Karachi only.

Another 1,540 new cases were reported from Punjab, which is lowest increase in 18 days. Lahore added 879 new cases, as compared to 1,226 new cases it reported a day before. Similarly, Rawalpindi added 75 new coronavirus cases, as compared 140 new cases it reported a day earlier.

KP, Islamabad and Balochistan added 569, 304 and 204 new cases respectively.

Number of deaths reported in the country reached 136 during past 24 hours, which would further grow in coming days due to the spike we saw during last two weeks.

Punjab reported 63 deaths while Sindh said 48 patients died in the province due to coronavirus related complications.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 769 39 857 15
Balochistan 8,998 204 429 99 06
GB 1,225 12 145 18
Islamabad 9,941 304 2,989 95 01
KP 20,182 569 3,705 773 18
Punjab 61,678 1,540 9,655 1,265 63
Sindh 62,269 2,286 11,044 964 48
Total 165,062 4,944 28,824 3,229 136



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