Search for Online Grocery Delivery Has Increased by 300% in Pakistan

Google has released the details about search trends in Pakistan amid the Coronavirus induced-lockdown and it shows that search for “online grocery delivery” increased by 300%.

According to Faraz Azhar, Google Asia Pacific’s Industry Head for South Asia, Pakistani consumers are moving towards healthier lifestyles as they have shifted their focus towards highly sophisticated and durable goods and services as compared to the past 12 months.


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Here are some other insights into Pakistani consumers issued by Google.

  • 4 out of 5 Pakistani consumers search for products online before making a purchase and move between online search and video
  • The search for “nearby supply options” before buying a product has jumped up by 138%
  • An increase of 130% has been recorded in the search of “fast delivery options”

The search for “daily exercise” in Pakistan has registered an increase of 160% during the lockdown.

Encouragingly, Pakistani internet user base is becoming increasingly aware of the changing climate as the search for “electric vehicles” and “renewable energy” has surged by 130%.


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The search for “clear skies” from Pakistani internet users has increased by 300%, “clean air” by 225%, and “clean water” by 217%.

Lastly, more and more Pakistanis are using video streaming and video sharing platforms to verify information and exchange ideas on news, entertainment, and sports.