NHA Awards Contracts for Developing an E-bidding System

The National Highway Authority Executive Board has awarded the contract for information technology services for the development and implementation of the E-bidding system to M/s Tejari Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. at Rs. 132.47 million.

Capt. (Retd.) Sikander Qayyum, Chairman NHA presided over the Executive Board meeting and considered the contract for IT services for the development and implementation of the e-bidding system. After detailed deliberation, the NHA Executive Board approved the contract for IT Services for “Development & Implementation of e-Bidding System” to M/s Tejari Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. at their bid price of Rs. 132.47 million.

The Board also authorized the Chairman NHA to constitute a three-member technical committee to supervise and monitor the performance of the development process and present progress report before the Board in three months. The Board further directed to submit the status of previous IT projects.

The Executive Board has also recommended the “PC-I for construction of 4-lane flyover at Bhara Kahu (N-75) project at a cost of Rs. 7.608 billion for approval of the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) and instructed that;

  • Traffic projections of through traffic should be included separately in PC-I and accordingly economic analysis be revised;
  • Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s NOC should be obtained before proceeding to improve CDA’s road for utilization as a diversion;
  • Cost for improvement of CDA’s road used as diversion should be separately mentioned in the PC-I; and
  • Traffic modeling of existing Bhara Kahu interchange should be carried out.

The Board considered the federalization of roads in Punjab province including

  1. Balkasar-Mianwali Road (126 km) proposed as N-130;
  2. Mianwali-Muzaffargarh Road (28 km) proposed as N-135;
  3. Neela Dullah Interchange (M-2) – Mangwal road as extension of M-2 (strategic road).

The NHA Executive Board recommended the federalization of following roads to the National Highway Council: a. Balkasar – Mianwali Road (129 km) proposed as N-130. b. Mianwali – Muzaffargarh Road (286 km) proposed as N-135. c. Neela Dullah Interchange (M-2) – Mangwal Road as an extension of M-2 (Strategic Link).

The above recommendation is subject to a 100 percent mutation of Right of Way (ROW) by the provincial government in the name of NHA along with no subsequent cancellation of mutation.

The NHA Executive Board reviewed its earlier decision taken in its 329th meeting held on November 21 2019, in light of NOC issued by the government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and recommended federalization and mutation of 100 percent Right of Way in the name of NHA, of the roads for consideration by National Highway Council and subsequent approval of the Federal Cabinet including;

  • Chitral – Booni – Mastuj – Shandur – Gilgit Road (147 km KP, 216 km GB, Total Length = 363 km) (CPEC) as N-140;
  • Chitral–Garam Chashma–Doraha Pass Road (82.5 Km) as N-145.

The Board, however, did not agree to federalize Chitral – Ayum – Bumborate Road (48 km) and decided to execute the construction of the road as deposit work from the PSDP and handover the road to the government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for maintenance & upkeep.