Situation Report: 3,892 New Cases, 60 Deaths Reported in a Single Day

Pakistan yesterday reported lowest single day cases since June as 3,892 new cases were reported from across the country.

Sindh reported 1,564 new cases while Punjab recorded 1,228 new cases in last 24 hours, which is lowest in 23 days. In Punjab, Lahore reported 762 new coronavirus cases during last 24 hours.

All models are turning out to be wrong, that had projected a ugly June and July for coronavirus in Pakistan, as the number of cases have declined significantly.

Epidemiologists are saying that something is off as such decline in cases isn’t logical to them. We are also surprised at such down-ward trend, and that too such soon.

We are hoping that this decline in cases is not due to back-log, or under-reporting or because patients aren’t turning up at hospitals to get tested, and that this is actual and natural decline in new cases.

For context, yesterday for instance, daily new cases grew just 2.1%, which is lowest since the outbreak emerged in Pakistan during late February. This day on day growth was 2.17% a day earlier, which further declined to 2.1% yesterday.

Number of tests, by the way, also declined to around 23K, down from 31K tests that we had been doing last week.

Authorities say they are testing all suspected cases (those who are in contact with positive cases and any other symptomatic cases), and because number of suspected cases are dropping, hence the lower number of daily tests.

More on stats in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 892 23 580 23 01
Balochistan 9,634 47 259 106 02
GB 1,337 11 53 23 01
Islamabad 11,483 264 2,663 108 02
KP 23,388 755 3,076 855 12
Punjab 69,536 1,228 10,152 1,516 21
Sindh 72,656 1,564 6,597 1,103 21
Total 188,926 3,892 23,380 3,755 60