Shifa is Now Offering Medical Help at Home for Coronavirus Patients

To take the burden off of the city’s hospitals amid coronavirus surge, and deliver quality healthcare to people’s doorstep at a highly affordable cost, Shifa International Hospital has introduced the concept of virtual hospitalization by providing Home Based Care & Monitoring to Covid-19 patients. The program is benefiting Covid-19 patients in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, while the service will be extended to other cities as well.

The eShifa Covid-19 Home Monitoring Program targets those patients who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms and are not required for immediate hospital admission.  The home based monitoring program by Islamabad’s premium healthcare provider delivers dedicated care to Covid-19 patients without any delays or waiting time for the availability of a hospital bed.

Program Features

  • A daily visit by a Nursing Staff member to the patient’s home for routine assessment
  • A daily online consultation with a consultant of Shifa International Hospital for routine monitoring and examination
  • A daily follow-up online consultation with a PG during the evening
  • As per the patient requirement, arrangement of an oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, and other supplies
  • Home collection of lab samples
  • Home delivery of medicines

How to Enroll for the Program

If you test positive for Covid-19, you can call 051-8464646 to get information on the home monitoring program (by selecting option 3 in the call menu). You can also consult online with Shifa International Hospital doctors (Shifa Covid Clinic) for a preliminary assessment at a special fee of PKR 1,250. After the assessment of the severity of your symptoms, the doctor will refer you to the home monitoring program.

Patients can also opt for the home based Covid-19 monitoring program at the time of their discharge from Shifa’s Emergency Department. To enroll in the program, the patient or their family will be required to sign a consent form.

Daily Home Care Plan

eShifa Covid-19 Home Monitoring Program comes at an affordable cost of PKR 6,000 per day.

These services include a daily visit by Shifa Nursing staff member to the patient’s home and daily online consultations by a Shifa Consultant & PG. As per requirement, the patient can also be provided with home lab sample collection and home delivery of medicines and supplies. The package doesn’t include charges of lab tests, supplies, or any medication.

To enroll for the eShifa Covid-19 Home Monitoring Program, or learn more about it, call the information call center number: 051-8464646 (7 am to 11 pm).