Apple Patents a Macbook With 5 Displays

According to a recent report by myfixguide, the Silicon Valley tech giant Apple filed a patent with the China National Intellectual Property Office (approved on 30th June 2020) regarding Dynamic Display Interface.

Based on the patent, the Cupertino wants to develop a Macbook with five displays instead of one (current MacBook Pro has one main display and a Touch Bar).

The illustrations in the patent show that the four tiny displays on either side of the keyboard and trackpad will be used, much like the current touch bar. However, the toolbars of the main display will be moved next to the user’s hands for more convenient access.

Moreover, since there is no obvious sign of the trackpad on the illustrations, it is most probably embedded beneath the top surface of the laptop. This is endorsed by the fact that the patent also details how haptic feedback could be added to the trackpad. Hence, the user will know if they have strayed outside the trackpad’s boundary.

The last thing mentioned in the patent is a backlit keyboard. The surfaces surrounding the individual keys will light up rather than the keys themselves, much like what we see on the gamer-oriented peripherals.

If you want to take a look at the complete patent, click here.