CPEC Fiber Optic Project From Khunjerab to Islamabad Becomes Operational

The fiber optic project under the bigger China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has become operational after completion, Chairman CPEC Authority, Asim Saleem Bajwa has revealed.

Khunjerab and Rawalpindi serve as the terminals of the 820 Km long fiber optic. With 467 Km, Gilgit Baltistan has the biggest share of the fiber optic followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 288 Km, providing a much needed digital penetration in both regions. 47 Km of the fiber optic passes through Punjab while 18 Km from the federal capital, Islamabad.


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According to details, the CPEC fiber optic project will be expanded to Gwadar and Karachi in the months to come.

The CPEC fiber optic project will serve as the foundation for the digital revolution in Pakistan and will strengthen bilateral ties between China and Pakistan, said Bajwa.

Recently, China has signed 2 agreements with Pakistan to invest billions of dollars in Azad Jammu and Kashmir amid heightened tensions with India.


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Gezhouba Group, a Wuhan-based construction and engineering company will build a hydropower project worth $1.5 Billion at Azad Pattan that will add 700 MW of cheap and green power to the national grid.

Kohala Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of China’s Three Gorges Corporation, will also construct a hydro power project worth $2.4 Billion at Kohala in Kashmir that will produce 1100 MW of clean and indigenous power.

  • ProPakistani please be transparent and tell the truth. There is nothing wrong in stating that who has started the project. This project was started years ago. We should give the credit to those who have started this project. We have already thrown AQ Khan, Bhutto and all those who did something. Same happend with the previous government.

  • I am not a supporter of Nawaz Shareef but propakistani should clearly mention that this project was initiated by PMLN govt and credit should only be given where it’s due

  • Look noon leagues either say that army controls Pakistan or the govt
    And I have no doubt that foreign policy is controlled by the army Nawaz sharif really didn’t do much with it ,CPEC would go on no matter what govt is sitting

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