Transform Your Home & Office Safely With Interwood

If social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak is keeping you indoors, there’s no reason it should stop you from caring for your home or workplace. There are ways through which you can upgrade your home or office décor safely, without having to step out of the house or being exposed to the virus.

Interwood, Pakistan’s largest home and office furniture store, is offering a completely contactless shopping experience where you can place an order through their website, phone call, or WhatsApp and get your favorite furniture delivered to your doorstep.

To ensure maximum safety for themselves and the customers during the outbreak, the Interwood delivery personnel come equipped with all necessary protective gear including masks, hairnets, and gloves.

Plus, all delivery vehicles as well as packages are regularly and frequently sanitized and disinfected with quality products and as per Covid-19 sanitization guidelines and standards. Site visits are kept short and due care is taken during the installation process too.

“In order to keep the shopping experience completely contactless, we send the design catalogs to our customers through digital channels like email or WhatsApp,” said a salesperson at Interwood. “After choosing their favorite furniture, they place their order and receive it with minimum physical interaction.”

Interwood also facilitates and encourages customers to make the payments online so any possible physical dealing is completely eliminated. Following the highest safety standards, Interwood is helping customers transform their living and working spaces without being exposed to the contagion.

For those customers who still prefer to do in-store shopping, Interwood is allowing that while adhering to strict safety SOPs. Showroom visits are kept short yet thorough, and the staff as well as the customers are required to wear masks, gloves and observe other social distancing protocols.

The showrooms and all their contents are carefully sanitized at regular intervals to keep browsing and shopping secure for the customers. All this is done in a smooth, systematic manner so as to keep customer comfort, satisfaction and safety a priority on every single visit.

If you also want to transform your home or office with Interwood furniture, you can call Interwood on 111-203-203, check their website at, or visit their nearest store with complete peace of mind.