Al Haj Automotive Introduces Imported Luxury Buses in Pakistan

Al Haj Automotive, an up and coming Pakistani conglomerate has brought in Zhong Tong Luxury Buses to Pakistan. The lot brought in by the conglomerate consists of 20 buses in Complete Built-Up (CBU) form which are now waiting to be delivered to the customers.

According to, Al-Haj automotive signed an MoU with the Chinese Automaker Zhong Tong by the end of last year, whereby both companies had come to terms with the import of 50 buses to Pakistan in CBU form and on the sharing of technology & CKD cooperation agreement for the future.

Also as part of this agreement, Al-Haj shall be granted the manufacturing rights and assistance for various buses that are being produced by Zhong Tong. The conglomerate and Zhong Tong agreed on the local production of everything from luxury buses to city buses in a variety of sizes and seating capacity.

Credits: automark,pk

From the photos, the buses look fairly modern, with comfortable, lounge-style reclining seats, loads of legroom, plenty of overhead luggage space, interior lighting, air conditioning for each passenger, and a partition that divides the front and rear half of the bus. The front half supposedly has single-person seats as well, as opposed to the rear half, which only has the double seats.

Presently, there’s a vast number of travel services in Pakistan each with its operations in major parts of the country. Daewoo Express, being the oldest service and having a great track record of safety and punctuality, is the most preferred choice for a vast majority of people.

However, the fleet of buses at Daewoo has gotten quite a bit old. Whoever picks up the new Zhong Tong buses might give all the bus services including Daewoo, a run for their money.