PTV’s Transmission Might Get Suspended From August 10

PAKSAT International, SPARCO’s marketing company operated under Pakistan Space Agency, has written a letter to PTV, demanding to pay the arrears worth $4.9 million before August 10. In case of non-payment, PAKSAT has warned to suspend the transmission of PTV.

According to the letter, PTV has not made any payments to PAKSAT in a long time despite numerous guarantees and reassurances from its higher management.


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It added that PTV had agreed to pay $132,150 per month to PAKSAT International in exchange for acquiring satellite services of the latter for its TV channels and DSNG vans.

PAKSAT has also urged the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to intervene and resolve the matter as the decline in agency’s revenue will adversely impact SPARCO.

While Managing Director (MD) PTV, Amir Manzoor, is yet to comment on the matter, the post of PTV’s Director Finance has been vacant for months. Controller Finance has been granted additional charge of Director Finance PTV.


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Controller Finance, Planning, and Development PTV, Syed Jamil Haider Zaidi, has revealed that the national television has paid Rs. 9 crore to PAKSAT last month. Over the last year, PTV had paid Rs. 25 crore to PAKSAT.

Zaidi has requested PAKSAT to resolve the matter through deliberations as it cannot suspend the transmission of the state television.

Via: Independent Urdu

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