With Interwood, Your Dream Designer Kitchen Is Now Within Your Access

There’s hardly anything exciting about kitchen time for those who have to manage this vital part of the household. Besides heat, the inconvenience that traditional Pakistani kitchen designs, equipment, and fixtures cause to the home chefs take away all the fun that cooking may have to offer. Plus, cleaning the kitchen is another big turn-off that keeps many away from experimenting with culinary creativity.

To redefine your kitchen experience, Interwood has joined forces with Alfredo Zingiaro – an Italian studio renowned for working in furniture, kitchen, and exhibition design – to launch a whole new range of Designer Kitchens. Unlike other designer kitchens, this new range from Interwood combines style, convenience, and durability without breaking your budget. Interwood’s designer kitchens start from just Rs. 29,200 per month on easy installments with no hidden charges!

Just like the affordability and payment convenience, the features that these kitchens come with are also unbeatable. Available in a vast variety of colors and finishes, Interwood’s designer kitchens can be fully customized to your taste and needs. Built with the heavy everyday use of a typical Pakistani kitchen in mind, the new range offers ultimate convenience for both power and leisure users.

The push-to-open cabinet and drawer systems add style to your kitchen while delivering you significant ease of use. The soft-closing features also achieve the same goals while protecting the edges of the fixtures from damage. The cabinetry’s front surfaces are hygienically sealed which makes it easier to clean and thoroughly disinfect. These cabinetries are even bug-free to make your kitchen more hygiene-friendly.

Another top feature of the Interwood Designer Kitchens is the Corian Countertops that are non-porous thus completely bacteria-free. These tops are specially treated so water doesn’t get to the cabinetry, delivering extended durability of the kitchen. Moreover, the cabinetry is fixed with LED lights that enhance the beauty of your kitchen while making it more functional in use.

Interwood Designer Kitchens take user convenience to a whole new level where corner solutions and pull-out accessories provide easy accessibility and reach to the depth of the cabinets. Pull-out shelves, half-moon baskets, and other corner accessories combine to redefine kitchen convenience. Plus, the tall cabinets perfectly utilize dead spaces to deliver huge storage solutions.

The under-sink tray/drawer is waterproof, designed to keep the necessary utensils and detergents dry and in place. Interwood Designer Kitchens have a place for everything, and, to your surprise, it will not take more than a cup of tea to design your own dream kitchen with Interwood. The company has a team of experts that design not only kitchens, but the entire spaces for a kitchen that’s perfect for your taste and needs.

To get a closer look at the new range of kitchens and experience them firsthand, you can visit an Interwood showroom near you at your convenience. The stores are fully sanitized and are equipped with pre-sanitized gear including face masks, hairnets, and gloves to keep the safety of customers and staff a priority. With Interwood, your dream designer kitchen can just be a visit away!

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