Private Doctors Are Now Allowed to Issue Medical Certificates for Driver’s Licence

Toba Tek Singh District Health Authority Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Mumtaz Sial has given authorization to private medical practitioners, allowing them to issue medical fitness certificates to local driver’s license applicants. This development took place on Tuesday.

The reports suggest that as per the previous arrangement that was made effective on March 28 in 2018, only a select few medical professionals hailing from a state-owned medical facility were allowed to issue the medical fitness certificates for this purpose.

For that reason, CEO Toba Tek Singh District Health Authority told that the Youth for human rights Pakistan Gojra chapter secretary-general Wajid Ali has lodged a complaint on prime minister’s citizens’ complaint portal, requesting the withdrawal of the previous order.

A circular stated that the request was made by the CEO as per the proper lawful procedures stated in the sections 2 and 7 of the Motor vehicles ordinance 1965, whereby any registered medical practitioner can issue a medical fitness certificate to a driver’s license applicant. Following that request, the circular states that the previous regulations about fitness certificate issuance have been withdrawn.

This development shall prove to be of great convenience to the general public, as they won’t have to stand in queues for hours waiting for their turn to get their medical fitness certificates. Not only that, but it also takes a lot of burden off the shoulders of a select few medical professionals that were allowed to issue medical certificates as per the previous rule.