FBR Rejects Fake News on Reforms

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has categorically denounced the news articles published recently in different newspapers which reported that FBR officers called on the Prime Minister to express their apprehensions over FBR reforms.

The news article alleged that the FBR has rejected the proposed reforms introduced by Dr. Ishrat Hussain-led Institutional Reforms Body and proposed its own roadmap for undertaking minor but substantial changes having a far-reaching impact on revenue generation.


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In an official statement, FBR has termed all those news pieces as baseless and unsubstantiated.

The FBR officers have not refused to accept the proposed reform structure of FBR as indicated in the news story rather consultative meetings are being held regularly to bring further improvement in the reform structure of FBR and the meeting with the officers of PM Office was a part of that consultative process.

The statement adds that no such meeting with the Prime Minister was organized, rather a consultative meeting of the FBR officers took place with the officers concerned of the PM Office on the proposed FBR reforms.