Sindh Excise Dept. Introduces a New Facility for the Masses

Sindh Minister for Excise & Taxation and Narcotics Control & Parliamentary Affairs Mukesh Kumar Chawla issued a statement to the media on Tuesday that the department has launched a new facility for the public, whereby any vehicle owner can now find out their vehicle registration number through their CNIC number.

Chawla further stated that in order to avail the facility, the owner of the vehicle must log on to the website at and obtain the details from there. He also said that the facility would soon be available through SMS. Minister Chawla requested people to avail the facility and provide their feedback about its efficiency, while also emphasizing that facilitating the masses is the government’s foremost priority.

This development was first brought to light by the minister during the inauguration of the new Excise and Taxation office building about a month ago, where Chawla also informed the media about the introduction of smart cards.

The minister stated on the occasion that the people shall no longer have to stand in lines and get their registration books. The new smart cards include all the details pertaining to taxes, which will be maintained by the local authorities in their database.