CDWP Approves a Rs. 3.63 Billion Project & Recommends Another Worth Rs. 122.128 Billion to ECNEC

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meeting, presided by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, approved 1 project worth Rs. 3.63 billion and recommended projects worth Rs. 122.128 billion with World Bank’s share of $450 million to ECNEC for consideration.

Senior officials from Federal and Provincial governments were also present in the meeting. Projects related to energy and water resources were presented in the meeting.

The government of KP presented 3 energy projects worth Rs. 122,128.25 million.

The first project related to energy namely “Hiring of Planning Consultants and management Support Consultants for Energy Sector Development and Institutional Strengthening under the World Bank Assisted KP Hydropower & Renewable Energy Development Program” worth Rs. 5775 million was approved.

Its objective is to prepare plans, feasibility studies/design studies through planning consultants, institutional strengthening through management support consultants, and capacity building of PEDO/Energy & Power Department KP.

The second project namely “Construction of 157 MW Madian Hydropower Project, District Swat, under the world Bank assisted Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hydropower & Renewable Energy Development Program (KPHREDP)” worth Rs. 79798.00 million was referred to ECNEC for further approval. Its main objective is to construct a 157 MW Madian Hydropower project on Swat River. The project will generate 767.59 GWh of affordable energy annually, adding to the power network of KP and the country.

The third project titled “Construction of 88 MW Gabral Kalam hydropower project” worth Rs. 36555.25 million was referred to ECNEC for approval. The project will generate 339.19 GWh of affordable energy annually.

CDWP also approved a project called “Disaster Climate Resilience Improvement Project AJK” worth Rs. 3629.820 million which is also funded by World Bank sharing $347 million.

The main objective of this project is to ensure multi-hazard resilience built into the design of all flood emergency reconstruction projects, to enhance the efficiency of State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), planning development department and other national building departments for judicious and equitable emergency and normal planning efficient monitoring of implementation through the input of knowledge for the future development and emergency response.

The forum also considered “Evacuation of Power from 2160 MW Dasu Hydropower Project (Stage-1)” and “Pakistan Goes Global” but these projects were not cleared due to technical observations, hence they will be discussed in the next meeting.

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