Twitter Starts Complying With Content Removal Requests From Pakistan

Recently, Twitter released its 16th biannual transparency report which states that the social networking giant has started complying with official requests from Pakistan.

The biannual report comprises content information and removal requests made between July and December 2019 through official channels from across the globe.


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According to the report, Pakistan sent 13 content information requests between July and December 2019, of which 5 were emergency requests while the remaining were routine.

Pakistan also specified 18 accounts while sending information requests to Twitter. Of those, 8 were emergency requests while the rest were routine.

Twitter, however, did not approve any of the information requests made by Pakistan.

Since January 2012, Pakistan has sent a total of 123 content information requests to Twitter, specifying a total of 317 accounts. None of the requests have been approved by Twitter.


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Moreover, Pakistan made 219 content removal requests to Twitter between July and December 2019

Twitter complied with 35% of the removal requests sent from Pakistan in the second half of last year, marking the first time the platform has approved any of the content removal requests from Pakistan.

Pakistan also specified 1476 accounts while sending content removal requests. Twitter removed 191 accounts over violations of Twitter’s term of service.

Since January 2012, Pakistan has made a total of 1100 content removal requests to Twitter, specifying 9700 accounts in the process, of which 688 were suspended temporarily and the rest permanently.

Find out more about the 16th biannual transparency report at Twitter

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