Govt Orders Schools to Reduce Fee

Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, has directed all private schools across the country to reduce fees amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking at a private news channel, Mahmood said that the schools collecting monthly fees more than Rs. 5000 are instructed to reduce it by 20 percent for six months after the resumption of school activities.

The education minister noted that the decision to reopen schools from September 15 was taken in consensus with all provincial governments.


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He, however, mentioned that educational institutes must implement the set standard operating procedure (SOPs) in true letter and spirit. Any violation of guidelines will be dealt with strictly.

Phase-wise Reopening

Reflecting on the understandings made during the meeting, Mahmood said that it was decided to open institutes in phases starting from September 15.

All universities, and colleges will be reopened from September 15. The government has allowed for classes of grades IX, X, and XI to be conducted [from September 15] as well.

He emphasized that both teachers and students are mandated to wear face masks during the school/college timings.


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No COVID-19 Test Required

Shafqat Mahmood also clarified that the coronavirus test of teachers, staff, and students is not mandatory.

Earlier, in a press conference on the same day, the minister had said that the educational institutions that were closed following the COVID-19 outbreak in March will start to reopen from next week.