Rawalpindi City Traffic Police Motor Fleet to Get a Major Makeover

The Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) is planning to go through a massive makeover with the introduction of the new color scheme. As a part of this makeover, the motorbikes and cars used by the CTP will be painted black, while the double-cabin pickup truck will be changed to silver from the previous color scheme.

Ever since its inception in 2007-08, the CTP has been provided with a fleet of vehicles that entails four 750 cc bikes for VIP duties, 116 250 cc bikes and nearly 750 125 cc bikes for inter-city patrolling and other duties. All the bikes will be given a black paint job, whereas the mobile vans will be given a silver color.


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Reported, CTP has faced criticism on the said move from the officials from within the organization, who said that the expenses incurred on refashioning the fleet have exceeded their budget. They also said that the repairs included in the whole process are also likely to ramp up the cost by a huge margin, which would likely take the expense far over the budget.

Rawalpindi Traffic Police Department has introduced a few new developments, including the digitization of the driver’s license issuance system for the ease of the masses. Furthermore, it was reported recently that the department is warranting assistance from the Punjab Highway Patrol force in order to mitigate highway accidents and ensure the abidance of rules on the road.