CelebShop.Pk Brings Celebrity Commerce to Pakistan

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is expected to cross the USD 01 billion mark in 2020 according to digitalpakistan.pk. In June 2020, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed one out of three Pakistanis is now online, connected, and a potential e-commerce customer.

Enter CelebShop.Pk – innovating and disrupting Pakistan’s e-commerce landscape and officially introducing social commerce to over 81 million 3G and 4G users in the country. Social commerce uses social networks like Instagram to generate e-commerce transactions. CelebShop has done this by connecting digital savvy, stylish Pakistani customers with their favorite celebrities.

Trendy celebrity boutiques under one roof

“In the US, celebrity influencers like Kylie Jenner have launched product lines using the power of her Instagram engagement,” says Saad Ali, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and CEO of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council. “In Pakistan, our celebrities also have a great social media footprint compared to many other countries. People are more interested in the authentic choices of these celebrities rather than a scripted manufacturer’s message.”

This is where CelebShop.Pk comes in, adds Saad. “We want to be the fashion, beauty and lifestyle experts and give customers virtual access to the widest range of aspirational, authentic fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands selected and endorsed by their favorite celebrities.”

Over thirty of the country’s top actors and models including Ayesha Omar, Aiman Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Minal Khan, Sanam Saeed, Ahsan Khan, Aijaz Aslam, and Hareem Farooq, have signed up and are curating products for their online boutiques.

Craftsmanship, Product, and Aspiration Combine to Create Pakistan’s first social commerce store for Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

CelebShop.Pk is a virtual mall housing specially curated celebrity boutiques. Celebrities select their favorite looks and share them on their Instagram page. Customers visiting their pages see the looks, swipe up, and are directed to the personal boutique of that celebrity with information on where they can purchase all the fashion essentials from clothes to makeup, accessories, and more to create their favorite looks.

“You visit Ayesha’s page, you see her endorse a product, you are directed to her boutique on CelebShop and you buy the product. We ensure delivery of 100% authentic products,” says Huma Salman, Co-Founder of CelebShop.Pk. “Our solution enables shoppers to buy the best products, create the best version of themselves, and feel confident and equipped to embrace the challenges of life under one platform.”

“It’s all about accessing fashion and lifestyle efficiently,” adds Saad Ali. “We know that the true fashion and beauty experience materializes when craftsmanship, product, and aspiration are integrated to create a distinctive and unique experience. The CelebShop experience is distinguished by this.”