Easypaisa Brings Together All Networks for a More Integrated Experience

Pakistan’s pioneering branchless banking service, Easypaisa, continues to bring users of all Mobile networks onto its robust digital banking platform.

Regardless of their network carriers, easypaisa users can now send and receive money, pay bills, purchase mobile top-ups, buy different network packages, top-up their M-Tags, and do a lot more straight from their Mobile Phones or other digital devices.

The digital payments leader that pioneered branchless and mobile banking over a decade ago, is now reaching for a truly comprehensive financial inclusion in the country with its transformative mobile app.

What started as a Telenor-exclusive mobile wallet service began to absorb users of other networks too when it introduced the industry’s first network interoperability in 2016.

No matter which carrier’s SIM they used, every mobile phone user could now open the easypaisa mobile account and operate it via any of the available channels of their choice including the mobile app, SMS, USSD, or phone banking.

The service continued to evolve, drastically changing the face of mobile financial solutions in Pakistan and showing the financial services industry groundbreaking ways to serve the financially excluded masses.

Easypaisa made standing in lines to perform a variety of payments a thing of the past. Today, it’s possible for an easypaisa account holder to not only use it from any network that they have, but also to make swift, easy, and rewarding payments straight from their mobile phones.

The latest easypaisa mobile app allows users to send and receive money to easypaisa, other mobile wallets, and even other bank accounts, purchase all networks’ mobile loads, pay bills and fees, add cash, buy bus tickets, send cash gifts, and do much more. Users can also invite friends of other networks to join the powerful platform and win reward points.

Easypaisa is a complete digital payments app that is designed to meet the evolving needs of Pakistan’s digital-savvy customers. Through its blockchain-powered international remittance service, easypaisa even provides users with the facility of receiving payments from loved ones in different countries.

The app has also redefined convenience with features like QR payments that allows you to make payments by simply scanning a QR code at a retailer from within the app. The service is constantly deploying new technologies and integrating innovative features to make easypaisa even more exciting, fun, and of a greater utility.

As its new slogan goes, every mobile number – or all of the 170 million mobile users – is welcome on easypaisa. This may be a more powerful motto than it sounds: Pakistan still has a huge void to fill in terms of financial inclusion and enabling more people to join the financial mainstream could mean a lot for the country’s inclusion goals.