[email protected] Elects New Central Executive Committee Members

Pakistan Software Houses Association for Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), [email protected], elected its new leadership in its Annual General Meeting 2020 held recently in Lahore, at Daftarkhwan Central.

The following are the new office bearers according to the official statement:

  1. Chairman – Barkan Saeed, CEO Vizteck Solutions
  2. Senior Vice Chairman – Amin Uddin Ansari, CEO Stewart Pakistan
  3. Vice-Chairman – Shamim Rajani, COO Genetech Solutions
  4. Treasurer – Shahzad Shahid, CEO TPS Worldwide

The members of [email protected] joined the meeting in-person and online. CEOs of the member companies across Pakistan also attended the meeting to discuss how [email protected], with the help of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) members, can increase the value for the members and effectively promote the Pakistani tech industry.

In his address, the newly elected Chairman Barkan Saeed reiterated the importance of strategic priorities of [email protected] while informing the audience of the forthcoming goals for the year 2020-2021. He also stated that the new CEC will focus on strengthening the [email protected] secretariat. He also highlighted the importance of recognizing IT professionals by linking a closer collaboration between the tech industry and academia.

The Annual General Meeting also discussed the following topics including

  • Importance of [email protected] and its role as the voice of the industry.
  • Presentation of the Annual Performance Review of [email protected]
  • Presentation of the Financial Audited Accounts.
  • Proposal and voting for the revision of the [email protected] Membership Fee.

In the meeting, [email protected]’s annual performance and achievements were highlighted by the out-going chairman, Shahzad Shahid. He emphasized on the importance of [email protected] as the sole representative of the IT and ITES sector of Pakistan while touching upon the top priorities of [email protected], including Make in Pakistan as part of the Demand Generation, Special Technology Zones (STZs), Export Marketing Fund (EMF), Cash Rewards, Brand Pakistan and the overall ease of doing business that will help the growth of domestic business and exports of Pakistan.

Shahid also proposed the revision of [email protected]’s membership fee and Development Fund (PDF) to financially strengthen [email protected] for improved lobbying, branding, and support for the member-base.