Pak Suzuki Extends Mega Saving Offer for AGS Cars

3 months ago, Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) announced that they will be offering major discounts to those who opt for their cars that feature Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology.

As per the offer, those who choose to buy the new Suzuki Alto AGS or the new Wagon R VXL will be able to save up to Rs. 156,258 and Rs. 156,335 respectively, whereas those who purchase the new Wagon R AGS, would save up to Rs. 172,717.

As per PSMC, the savings account for one-year free maintenance, free registration, zero markup, and insurance of the vehicles.

About a month ago, reminding the customers of this offer, PSMC released the following video on their Facebook page, explaining how you can save the money:

As per PSMC, it is a limited time offer and will be awarded to the buyers on a first-come-first-served basis. It bears mentioning, however, that the company has not revealed a deadline for the offer. Also among the things that the company has not revealed are the conditions to avail the offer which must be fulfilled by each buyer prior to making the purchase.


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For those who are unaware, AGS is the company’s new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology that features in most of Suzuki’s small cars such as the Alto, WagonR, and Cultus. These gearboxes are light in weight, reliable, and are relatively cost-efficient as compared to other automatic gearboxes such as CVT, DCT, or even conventional automatic gearboxes.

Still, it seems that PSMC is struggling to push their cars with the new AGS technology out the door There have been no reports about transmission’s reliability or lack thereof thus far. But the cars are priced incredibly high, explaining PSMC’s relentless efforts to sell the cars with the AGS gearbox.