Sony’s New Wena 3 Smart Strap Converts Any Watch into a Smartwatch

Sony has launched Sony Wena 3, the third-gen smart wristband for watches, in Japan.

Sony Wena smart wristband has been a hit in Sony’s home market ever since it was first announced for a crowdfunding campaign.

According to Sony, Wena 3 is 30% smaller and 2.5mm thinner than Wena Active.

Design and Display

In order to ensure everything fits in the buckle, Sony has designed the mechanical structure, antenna, electric circuit, and the board pattern in-house.

Both the battery and the touch panel display are enclosed in curved design for improved wearing experience.

The cover glass for the touch panel display is made out of graphite, which passed through over 20 processes, Sony has claimed.

Sony Wena 3 can withstand a drop from 90cm and features 5ATM standard waterproof support.


Sony Wena 3 is powered by a unique algorithm to help users track their daily activities related to their health. It also encases an accelerometer and dual optical heart rate sensor.

MAMORIO notification function supports searching in case the Wena 3 gets misplaced. It is compatible with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, as well.

Sony has claimed that Wena 3 can last up to 7-days on a full single charge and comes with built-in reverse power of 24 hours.


Sony has launched the Wena 3 in three variants; Silicone Rubber, Leather, and Metal. Priced at $228, Silicone Rubber Wena 3 is the cheapest of the three variants.

Whereas, the Brown Leather Wena 3 costs $285 and Premium Black Leather Wena 3 costs $304.

The Silver Metal Wena 3 costs $314 and Black Metal Wena 3 costs $333.

Besides, Sony has also launched 2 Wena heads.

Shunji Yamanaka has designed one of them while Fabrizio Giugiaro, the renowned Italian car designer, has designed the other one. The former is priced at $561 while the latter costs $552.