Standing Committee on Energy Expresses Reservations About NEPRA Act

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Energy, Power Division, expressed serious reservations on amendments proposed for the NEPRA Act [National Electric Power Regulatory Authority] for providing vague procedures for the imposition of surcharges on power rates.

A fourth meeting of the Standing Committee on Energy (Power Division) was held in the Parliament House under the Chairmanship of Chaudhry Salik Hussain.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee and Members showed reservations on the Amendments proposed for the “The regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power (Amendment) Bill, 2020”,  and noted that the vague procedure of surcharge to be imposed and the utilization of funds generated through these surcharges, and that no new surcharge should be levied upon the masses and if it is to be done, there should be a rationale, to be presented before the Committee and to the Public.

The Minister opined that the uniform tariff will help resolve the issues in the Distribution Companies. The Bill was deferred for the next meeting with the direction that a comparative briefing should be sent to the Committee Members.

The Ministry was asked to strictly adhere to the Provincial quota requirements for the Minorities and disabled persons while filling the vacant posts in Distribution Companies. The Ministry will be giving briefings on Generation and Transmission, Distribution and Merit order and Circular Debt Management Plan in the upcoming meetings of the Standing Committee.

A Sub-Committee was also appointed by the Committee to discuss and recommend for resolving the issues faced by the Legislators with respect to Karachi Electric Company (KE) and different DISCOs of Sindh under the Convener-ship of member national assembly (MNA) Lal Chand.

Minister for Energy Omer Ayub and MNAs Sher Akbar Khan, Mehar Ghulam Muhammad Lali, Malik Muhammad Amir Dogar, Muhammad Abdul Ghafar Wattoo, Saif Ur Rehman, Engr. Sabir Hussain Kaim Khani, Muhammad Israr Tareen, Saira Bano, Azhar Qayyum Nahra, Sardar Muhammad Irfan Dogar, Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah, Shazia Marri, Zahid Akram Durrani, movers Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali, Shahid Ahmed, Secretary Ministry of Power Division, along with senior officers of the relevant departments attended the meeting.