You Can Now Volunteer to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine in Pakistan!

Shifa International Hospital Islamabad is giving people a chance to become a volunteer for the phase 3 trial of the COVID-19 vaccine and help fight the pandemic that has infected and killed millions globally.

The participants will get indemnity insurance and will have full medical coverage in case of any adverse effects following the vaccine’s administration. This is the phase 3 trial meaning that the vaccine has already cleared the first two stages successfully.

What is phase 3 trial?

The phase 3 trial includes large number of people from different countries to assess normal body response against the vaccine. Shifa International Hospital is the first investigating site in Pakistan to launch this international trial and the first batch of participants has already been recruited successfully.

The vaccine is considered safe as in its first two trials, it showed only mild side effects including fever, muscle pain, and headache in less than 1% of the participants. Like other vaccines, this COVID-19 vaccine contains only part of virus which cannot replicate in the human body hence does not cause disease.

For the stage 3 trials, Shifa International Hospital intends to recruit 10,000 healthy volunteers from Pakistan for a period of 12 months with more than 50 virtual communications to know their well-being, as well as an in-person visit at the start and end of the trial. All participants will be closely followed-up for one year.

Who can and can’t participate?

Any healthy individual aged 18 or old can be a volunteer for the trial. All healthy adults, or stable-healthy adults with a stable chronic condition that does not meet any exclusion criteria can be a part of the historic trial.

People who are participants of any other vaccination trials cannot participate for the stage 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials. Also, people with a history of confirmed COVID-19 case, current disgnosis or treatment for cancer, history of anaphylaxis to any vaccine, people with bleeding disorders, as well as pregnant ladies will be deemed misfit for the COVID-19 vaccine trails.

How to participate in the trial?

Anyone who meets the trial criteria and is willing to volunteer can call Shifa International Hospital on 0300-8590112 and 051-8464646/4640 for appointment and further information.

Once the appointment is booked, a counseling session will follow where the participants’ queries will be addressed and their informed consent will be taken. Physical examination and vital monitoring will follow after which blood sample will be taken.

If the volunteer is considered fit for the trial, the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered and they will be kept under post-vaccination observation for 30 minutes. Follow-up with weekly messages and monthly calls will be done for any side-effects. The volunteer will be required to visit at vaccination trial site at 12 months for blood sampling.

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