PTA Launches Online Portal for IP Whitelisting and VPN Registration

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced online portal for IP Whitelisting and VPN registration. Authority said the initiative is for the facilitation of businesses and freelancers.

Now Call Centers, companies and freelancers having at least one static IP address and verification letter from their business concerns, can submit their applications for registration at

This was a long awaited feature that businesses were urging from PTA, since the process for whitelisting IPs and VPN was hectic and required a lot of steps.

It must be mentioned here that PTA has been blocking any IPs with VoIP or VPN traffic since they aren’t allowed by the law. However, BPOs, call centers and freelancers who must obtain the service in order to operate can get themselves registered with PSEB or other relevant bodies and then ask PTA for whitelisting of their IPs and VPNs.

It may be further added that, previously, Call Centers and companies had to route their applications through relevant Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

For resolution of any related queries and facilitation, relevant team of PTA can be approached at
email: [email protected]

  • WOW! I contact directly with clients and do freelancing work using a VPN. I use mobile phone as internet hotspot. How can I register to PTA? Can someone guide me please. I have bookmarked this page for future reference.

    • Not “wow” pal. This essentially means using a VPN is illegal for individuals unless they register with PTA so that they can get to see all of the person’s online activities. This will be used for censoring and stuff. Just another way for the state to control people and utter disregard for privacy and security

    • This is just another way to censor.

      Grey telephony are things of past as the majority of people are communicating through Whatsapp & other chat apps. So giving this reason that you want to control VoIP is BS.

      Also, do a comparison between PTA spend to ‘control’ VoIP/Grey telephony vs the actual grey telephony traffic (which is very limited now for the reason mentioned above).

      They simply want to monitor & control what you do online.

  • PTA has nonsense rules for public. Freelancers often use mobile hotspot or MBB devices. It has no static IP address. Sometimes, several hundred users have same IP address (Source: Jazz). VPN also have different IP addresses for same location due to several servers at same place. Freelancers often connect to more than one remote location for work. How can we submit static IP address? It is legal fallacy to control everyone by registering to PTA. It is like catching air with bare hands. It can clap but can’t catch air….

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