Get a More Personalized Shopping Experience with J.’s new 24/7 Virtual Assistant ‘JBot’

With more people shifting to digital modes of shopping, a multichannel marketing strategy has become all the rage among competitive businesses. Although brick-and-mortar stores are still important, connecting with customers through non-traditional methods is now imperative. And that’s what forward-looking businesses have been investing in lately.

Today, retail trends are being driven by shifts in technology and buyers are increasingly seeking shopping that is tailored to their preferences. But, despite all the advances in technology, retailers still face challenges maintaining an active presence across each communication channel and keeping fulfillment streamlined. With sales channels branching out on so many fronts, creating personal experiences that cater to such a wide audience isn’t easy.

This is where chatbots come in handy. The global fashion and beauty industries are using advanced AI-powered chatbots which has enabled fashion giants to make their multichannel strategies work by bridging the gap between the customer and the retailer in a convenient and personalized way.

In Pakistan, the fashion apparel giant J. has become the first business to introduce a cutting-edge chatbot called JBot. It’s a WhatsApp based round-the-clock virtual assistant that’s set to make the J. customers feel catered to and better understood by delivering a personal touch that’s often missing in a digital space.

Adding a personal touch to the digital shopping space

JBot is the Pakistani fashion apparel giant’s answer to effectively address the high influx of online orders through various digital sales channels. Built with the evolving customer needs in mind, the solution enables consumers to have conversations on their own terms and leave, return, and reply whenever they desire to, getting immediate answers to common questions without experiencing active waiting times.

“JBot is a personalized platform that streamlines end-to-end shopping experience using WhatsApp technology,” shares Mr. Shahid Iqbal, COO at J. “It’s a highly interactive platform to engage the customer and provide individual customer service with almost zero human interaction with the option of connecting with a representative being always available,” he adds.

JBot is designed to provide real-time solutions to customers for queries relating to:

  • Order placement
  • Order tracking
  • Feedback & complaint filing
  • Store locating
  • Catalog browsing
  • Corporate inquiries
  • Common shopper issues, and more

“We wanted to tailor a solution to keep up with the ever-growing demands of customers which include the need for more customized and individualistic service and reduction in response times,” informs Mr. Shahid Iqbal. “As the trend of customer service is rapidly shifting from voice- to messaging-based solutions for an expedited, less intrusive, and engaging experience, we designed the JBot that achieves our customer service goals,” he adds.

How JBot enhances your shopping experience

With J.’s new JBot-powered WhatsApp chat service, the customer can place an order, as well as track an order via a link by simply entering the order number. They can also give feedback and file complaints with regards to delivery, returns or exchanges, incorrect order, or any other issue that they want to raise with J.

The chatbot also makes it easy for the users to find the nearest store locations by simply dropping their location pin. Customers can also access the list of all J. outlets using this option.

Moreover, the latest catalogs for both men’s and women’s collections can now also be accessed through WhatsApp chat. Plus, the chatbot also makes it easier for the customers to get real-time answers to all corporate inquiries including partnerships, sponsorships, corporate orders, and any other queries.

The solution also makes it possible for users to request a new Silver loyalty card that offers a 7.5% discount on purchases, or find out the loyalty points by simply entering the 14-digit number of the loyalty card.

To get in touch via the new chatbot, all that a user needs to do is simply send a text message to the J. WhatsApp number 0321-111-5368. It is super convenient as almost all online shoppers have WhatsApp installed on their phones and use the app heavily.

Mr. Shahid reiterates that the automation covers various FAQs and efficiently handles high volumes of customer queries in an expedited manner in a fast-paced environment, significantly minimizing wait at the customer’s end.

“We are constantly working on evolving this service continuously and will keep adding more and more features and automation to make it zero-human interaction. This has a high potential for converting visitors into potential customers.”