PM Imran Announces a 3-Month Deadline for Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has fixed a 3-month deadline to implement electoral reforms in Pakistan.

The premier set the deadline in a meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) that was organized in Islamabad to discuss electoral reforms.


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According to details, PM Imran has also directed to abandon the secret balloting in senate elections to ensure transparency, adding that the ruling party isn’t afraid of the outcome of this decision.

It is worth mentioning here that the secret balloting process in place in the Parliament’s upper house has always drawn allegations of horse trading.

He noted that electoral reforms are the need of the hour and the incumbent government is the first in the country’s history that is working to ensure free and fair elections.


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PM Imran said that he was the first to introduce neutral umpires in cricket matches to ensure fairness and transparency during the game.

In September, Speaker of National Assembly, Asad Qaiser, had originally called a meeting of parliamentarians to seek recommendations on the electoral reforms process.