Samsung Will Not Launch a Galaxy Note Phone in 2021: Rumors

Rumors around the Galaxy Note lineup getting discontinued have been going on for a while and the speculation is starting to gain more traction thanks to notable tipsters. Max Weinbach and Ice Universe, both of whom have been accurate in their past leaks have reason to believe that there will be no Galaxy Note device coming this year.

According to Max, the Samsung flagships to expect this year include the S21 lineup, the new Z Fold, Z Flip, and Fan Editions for each of them except for the Z Flip. He added that 3 of these handsets will have S Pen support as well.

The list does not mention a single Note device and that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be none this year. However, the inclusion of the S Pen in other phones fuels the speculation that there might just be no Note phone in 2021.

Additionally, Ice Universe also points out that there is currently no information on the development of the next Note series. This could just mean that it is too early for any news, but given all the other speculation, it seems likely that we may not see the Galaxy Note 21.

  • Inclusion of pen in S21 won’t make it a Note 21?
    Lol, what is the difference in S20 and N20 if S-pen isn’t there, only look and feel which changes every year.

    You can say no more S21 but Note21 is coming as only Notes have S-pen.

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