Pine Nut (Chilghoza) Price Reaches a New High as Winter Starts to Peak

Prices of dried fruits have risen substantially with the reports of a long and extreme winter season in the country this year.

According to the reports, the prices of pistachios, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, dates, cashews, peanuts, and dried figs have seen a significant increase as the traders have increased the prices up to their preferred rates.

In various parts of the country, demand for dried fruits has increased due to the cold weather. According to the market data, the price of pine nuts (chilghoza) has reached a high of Rs. 9,000 per kg and raw pine nuts are currently sold at Rs. 5,000 per kg. High-quality pistachios retail at Rs. 2,000, and medium-quality pistachios at Rs. 1,600 per kg.


Dry Fruit Prices Increase as Winter Approaches

The price of the cashew nut has gone up from Rs 2,200 per kg to Rs. 2,600 per kg. Similarly, the price of paper almonds has jumped from Rs. 750 per kg to Rs. 1,000 per kg. Paper walnuts have gone up from Rs. 400 per kg to Rs. 800 per kg.

The price of dried figs has increased by Rs. 300 per kg, making it Rs. 650 per kg in the retail market. The price of dried apricots jumped from Rs. 400 per kg to Rs. 800 per kg.

Citizens are hesitant to buy dried fruit, following the increase in the prices, as it is now beyond the buying power of the common man. The people have requested the government to introduce a rate list and a proper system to contain this surge in prices.