Sindh to Develop an Online Birth Records Database

The Sindh Local Government Secretary, Najam Ahmed Shah, announced on Wednesday that the government of Sindh will establish an online database to maintain birth records across the province.

He announced this at a meeting with the representatives of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Expand Programme on Immunization (EPI).


Shah stated that an online database will soon be developed to properly archive and maintain birth records obtained via the digital birth registration project.

UNICEF has collaborated with the local government agencies to carry out an online birth registration project. One of their breakthroughs was encouraging the registration of births on Mobile Phones in rural areas to keep the entire process manageable and effective.


Forging A Better Tomorrow for the Differently-Abled

Shah is of the view that the project to maintain birth records online in Sindh is unprecedented in Pakistan.

He said, “Digital data has been highly helpful in adopting the future strategy concerning civic development, population planning, and the immunization of children in Sindh”.