PSO Imports First Batch of Euro 5 Diesel in Pakistan

A recent news update has revealed that Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has imported the first batch of Euro-5 diesel fuel to Pakistan.

PSO is the state-owned Oil Marketing Company (OMC) and was the first to introduce Euro-5 petrol in Pakistan a few months ago.

Reports suggest that PSO has imported 42,000 metric tonnes of fuel in the first batch and that it will be sold in January 2021.

Additionally, the government has instructed all OMCs to import Euro-5 diesel only, starting from next month.


Implementing Euro 5 Fuel Standard Under Current Timeline Can Cause Issues: Report

The PSO claims that Euro-5 fuel has a relatively lower sulfur content that will help reduce air pollution and enhance the performance of engines.

Details about what the initial geographical scope of the availability of Euro-5 diesel will be or if it will cost more than the normal Euro-2 diesel are scarce for now. However, with the government having necessitated its import by all the OMCs from January 2021, a significant shift in the domains of the petroleum industry is highly likely.