FBR Falls Short of Its Half-Year Target by Rs. 15 Billion

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has so far collected Rs. 2.195 trillion revenue during the first half-year of the fiscal year (July-December 2020-21) against the target of Rs. 2.210 trillion, reflecting a shortfall of Rs. 15 billion.

The revenue collection figures compiled by the FBR on Thursday revealed that the monthly collection stood at Rs. 503 billion in December 2020 against the monthly target of Rs. 541 billion, reflecting a shortfall of Rs. 38 billion. The FBR has paid refunds of Rs. 102 billion during December 2020.


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The FBR’s provisional revenue collection stood at Rs. 2.195 trillion during July-December (2020-21) against Rs. 2.094 trillion in the same period of 2019-20, reflecting an increase of Rs. 101 billion.

The FBR has collected Rs. 503 billion in December 2020 against Rs. 476.7 billion during December 2019, reflecting an increase of Rs 26.3 billion.


Senior FBR officials told ProPakistani late night that the net revenue collection has crossed Rs 2.20 trillion mark and it might further increase after reconciliation of data in the coming days.