Evaluation of Applications for Track and Trace System for Tobacco, Cement, Sugar and Fertilizer Finalized

The Federal Board of Revenue has successfully completed the Evaluation Process for the grant of a five-year license for an IT-based solution for electronic monitoring (Track and Trace System) of specified goods i.e. Tobacco, Cement, Sugar and Fertilizer.

Official sources told Propakistani that the meeting of the opening of the financial bids for the Track and Trace system was held at the FBR Headquarters here on Monday. The meeting was attended by eight bidding companies. The position would be further clear after the issuance of the evaluation report by the FBR.

Initially, 11 bids were received out of which 8 bids were technically qualified. The Technical scores were awarded to them on the basis of specified evaluation criteria. To ensure complete transparency, technical scores of all technically compliant bidders were displayed for all attendees to see prior to the opening of the financial bids.

As a result of the above, M/s. AJCL/Authentix/MITAS was declared as “the most advantageous bid” on the basis of the combined highest score in accordance with the Licensing Rules 2019 and PPRA rules 2004.

The Licensing Committee of the FBR announced the technical scores for all bidding companies during meetings in the presence of the representatives of the companies. The Licensing committee gave the highest score to M/s AJCL (Pvt) Ltd.

FBR had invited the following companies to the meeting for the opening of the financial bids:

  • M/s AJCL(Pvt) Ltd;
  • M/s ASY GROUP;
  • M/s LMK Resources Pvt. Ltd;
  • NIFT Consortium;
  • M/s NRTC and GCS;
  • M/s Reliance IT Solutions;
  • M/s SICPA & Arwentec
  • M/s Steuermarken Solution.

FBR has stated that the installation of the Track and Trace System in the identified sectors would be a game-changer for improving revenue and curbing counterfeit products in the market. FBR expects to start installing UIMs (tax stamps) on various sector products from July 2021.