Google Photos Finally Gets Pinch-to-Zoom For Videos

Until last year, Google Photos’ main focus was on improving the image viewing experience for its users. However, the platform has been working on rolling out new features that would help enhance the video experience on the app as well.

From slow-mo videos to filters, Google has rolled out several new features for videos but the most common complaint from users was that they could not zoom into videos during playback. This was catered to in the recent update. The app now allows users to pinch to zoom on videos as well as double-tap.

While zooming in on the video using pinch to zoom, users can look at and trace specific areas in the video for a closer look. The double-tap, on the other hand, will fill your phone’s display with the video, and double-tapping for a second time will zoom out similar to how photos zoom in and zoom out.

The feature is currently available to only a few users due to a server-side switch, which means it will take a while before the feature reaches all Google photos users.

Another highly demanded feature for Google Photos is ‘Flip’. Users can rotate photos but not reflect/flip them. Since Google catered to the video zooming demand, it will most likely roll out the flip feature in an upcoming update.