Android 12’s Dessert Name Will Be Snow Cone

Google has already started working on the next version of its Android OS that is set to launch later this year. The first beta version is still in the works. However, thanks to a recent report by the XDA developers, we have gotten a little insight into the upcoming Android 12.

For years, Google named the Android versions after desserts. This trend was ditched with Android 10 but the internal code for the operating system is still set after desserts.

XDA developers claim that the Android 12 is internally referred to as Android ‘Snow Cone”. Google has not officially confirmed this but the report suggests that source code for Android 12 will often be prefaced with “sc” or Snow Cone. The Android 11 was referred to rvc (red velvet cake) internally.

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We still don’t know what to expect from the upcoming OS in terms of features and modes. However, another report from XDA reveals that it will come with support for one-handed mode. Many OEMs have already implemented one-handed mode on their handsets, but this time Android 12 will most likely come with a built-in single-handed mode.

Google’s Android 12 developer beta is expected to land later this month. Hence, we will get the answers to most of the questions pretty soon.