Pakistani Company Sold 30 Million Pairs of Jeans Worldwide in 2019

A Pakistan-based fabric mill called the ‘US Group’ exported 9.3 million pairs of jeans to the United Kingdom market in 2019, and 30 million pairs worldwide, as per an announcement on Twitter by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Christian Turner.


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Headquartered in Lahore, the US Group is an apparel and denim manufacturing company that has been in business since the mid-80s. Its products are categorized into textile and denim products, and it is among Pakistan’s top exporters of denim.

The British High Commissioner, while highlighting his visit to the company in his tweet, remarked that the feat was exemplary for Pakistan’s export-led growth and sustainability.

Overall Pakistan’s textile exports had shown improvement throughout the calendar year 2020.

This increase in demand for Pakistan’s textile products can partially be explained by the lockdowns in other regional countries due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pakistan made a prudent choice to open manufacturing and industrial units quicker than other comparable economies, which led international brands to move to Pakistan for their orders.

The textile sector accounts for more than 60 percent of total exports from Pakistan.

The exports and imports data released by the PBS revealed that the textile group exports have registered an increase of 10.79 percent on year-on-year basis as it reached $1.32 billion in January 2021 compared to $1.19 billion in January 2020.

Textile group exports registered 8.23 percent growth during the first seven months (July-January) 2020-21 and remained $8.76 billion compared to $8.09 billion during the same period of last year.

  • and in pakistan we get useless quality jeans in so expensive price and if want to buy a good quality then price is atleast 7000 rupees. this is problem in our country every good thing even fruit or any other item is exported first then 2nd or 3rd quality goods are sold in our country in a very high price.

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