OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone’s Hands-on Reviews Appear Online

Oppo originally unveiled the world’s first rollable display phone a few months ago but that was just a proof of concept and not a production-ready phone.

Initially, the device was thought to be vaporware but only recently, the company started sending out some units of the concept rollable to Youtubers. This reveals that the handset will most likely be commercialized soon.

OPPO X 2021

Moreover, the company has claimed that the Oppo X 2021 has gone through a series of durability tests and it is “more durable than could be imagined”.

The YouTubers who received the concept phone have started uploading videos of the handset revealing the front and rear design, the rollable mechanism, and the user interface.

One of the videos was uploaded by the French YouTuber Brandon LeProktor. The video gives us an idea of how the phone retracts and rolls out at the press of a button. He also shows how the software changes seamlessly during the transition between the extended and contracted form-factor of the device.

Another video was uploaded by Youtuber Sami Tech Tips who provides a hands-on review of the device in English. He covered some burning questions about the Find X 2021 such as the selfie camera and what happens when you accidentally open it inside your pocket.

Surprisingly, the handset does not come with a selfie camera. Moreover, if the screen is left unlocked and the slide is accidentally triggered in your pocket or purse, the device will keep trying to expand even though the space is not wide enough. This seems to be an issue that can easily be resolved with a software fix so Oppo might roll out a fix for it soon (no pun intended).

We expect this to be a marketing gimmick by Oppo, but if it becomes commercially available in the future, expect the price to be sky high and issues similar to the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold.